Professional Skills

…a personal coach and liaison to leaders to bring discipline to processes of the organization and ensure alignment with culture.
…mentoring and group mentoring to help individuals fulfill their life and career goals and realize their peak potential.
…bringing less than satisfactory performance to a standard that is acceptable and sustainable through expectation setting, consistent calibration, definition of processes, tracking and monitoring, plus reviews of outcomes to ensure sustainability. 
…allowing minor or significant business transformation to happen in a smoother way through the identification of a process and discipline to invoke value added change.
…creating long-term value for an organization by capitalizing on growth opportunities from Customers, Markets and Relationships.
…identifying and shaping a process that will take a team from data to information to understanding. Building on the strengths of all individuals to achieve desired outcomes, by ensuring full engagement and buy-in from all stakeholders; resulting in a consensus and commitment for future direction.
…critical and creative thinking; asking questions in a manner that conjures others to think and look at problems and solutions through a different lens.   Facilitation of strategic planning sessions that formulate the direction of a team, with a make meaning piece that will allow the direction and focus to be understood by all  stakeholders. Moving from Strategy to Functional and Operational modes in a timely and prudent way.