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This week begins my first week and commitment to publish a BLOG post at least once a week on my adventures in the Kitchen; I call it Ken’s Kitchen.   Ken’s Kitchen is a website the I’ve been populating for a few years now and is also a website that my daughter Sarah built for me as a Christmas a few years back.

My joy from cooking comes from some early roots of watching (and helping?!?) my mother cook and bake as well as a desire to express myself creatively and artistically – I don’t think I have an artistic bone in my body, but cooking seems to give me licence to prove myself wrong (or at least fool myself and occasionally others).

You should know that I haven’t always cooked, creatively that is.   Yes I did live alone or with another friend while pursuing post secondary education, we all did and had to fend for ourselves.   Macaroni and Cheese was always a staple, but so too were the fast food options on the way to and from school.    Then into my professional and corporate career, I really didn’t have the time to do the cooking, long work days, business trips, meetings and conferences would afford me the luxury of coming home to meals prepared by my wife Judy who was a good cook, but even she would say she did it out of necessity  – as good and memorable as some of those meals were, she still declares that she was happy to give up 1st dibs in the kitchen to me;   although I do find her ‘stirring the pot’ from time to time!

You should be forewarned that this website is a work in progress, hopefully always will be as I find new ways, learn new tricks and hacks and discover new options to cook and experiment with.   Therefore, the comment section is something that I hope you will use, to critique, suggest, ask questions or suggest recipes that I could research and inspire me to be better with this.   Remember is at Ken’s Kitchen.


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