1 Weeks Work Completed

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Monday July 10th we went to The Ottawa Hospital (TOH – Civic) for a 6:00 am admission and Friday July 14th at 6:00 pm we were on our way home.   A job well done all part of a weeks work!

It sure feels good to have Judy back at home and working into a routine that will take her down the road to a full recovery.    It’s going to take some good rest, some good meds, some good friends and a little bit of time before we can declare 100% – but who’s looking for perfection; oh yea I forgot Judy is!

When I look back on the week it truly is amazing and a bit mind boggling.

This was the 2nd brain aneurism surgery in 3 weeks,  the clipping option was absolutely the right way to go and Dr. Sinclair and the whole team of specialists at TOH did  a brilliant job.

Recovery on the 10th and the following couple of days were tough.   Pain was 10/10, no desire to eat, no willingness to move, round the clock attention in the Neurosurgical Acute Care Unit.   The goal was comfort and pain management – nothing was out of the ordinary for them, just out of this world for us.

Day 3 was a turning point, I think the shower was the catalyst that truly turned the corner for Judy.   When I think back about how excited and grateful she was to have gone into that 1960’s bathroom and get her hair washed and showered I’m wondering why we spent any money at all on renovating our bathroom last year – just reminds me that everything is great, you just have to find the right perspective to view it from.

The team at TOH-Civic was phenomenal, couldn’t do enough to show compassion and caring – everyone cared, it didn’t matter what their role was Surgeon, Nurses, Housekeeping, Nutrition, Physio – Judy’s favorite was the Acute Pain Management Team – she loved those narcotic level drugs during the first couple of days.

Food often times is known to be an issue in the hospital.  Hospital Food has it’s reputation.   That too wasn’t really that bad, it was more Judy’s lack of desire to eat than it was the food.   One day (day 4 I think) the tray arrives and I read the paper to her that described what was on the tray.   It was roast beef, mashed potatoes and broccoli, as she’s lifting the lid on the plate, her comment was “how bad can they screw up roast beef”.   My thought was “I don’t think she’ll be happy with this”.  She must have been really hungry – she ate it all!

Judy hadn’t eaten anything since the Sunday evening prior to her surgery and this wasn’t  intended to be a weight loss program, but none the less, Judy did declare that she was just one brain surgery away from her ideal weight – she’s now at her perfect weight.

Food was a big factor for Judy for sure.   One night I left the hospital earlier than usual (around 9:30) so I could get a good nights sleep.  I needed to be on my A game to look after her and be ready for when she came home.   At 1:45 am I get a text, it has to be urgent coming at that time.   Reading it, it says “Will you bring one of my Gluten Free buns from the freezer”.   Is this urgent?, have they given her too much of those drugs?   I respond “yes” (what are my options?) and  “How are you doing?”  “Fine” she says, “I’ll see you in the morning”.

But. But. But.

I arrive at the hospital @ 5:45 am, so I can catch the residents on rounds.   Judy has this great idea.   She’s going to have a Bagel Belt from Tim Hortons for breakfast.   I go down to Tim’s and order a Bagel Belt  and ask them to hold the bagel.  They don’t how to punch that in!   They don’t know what to do with the bagel!   They think I’m nuts!  After convincing them to put the ‘stuff’ into a chili dish, they were very bothered as to what to do with the bagel – I hope it didn’t end up there, but I suggested it anyway!

It’s good to be home.   I had to build a spreadsheet to track and stay on top of the drugs – those nurses had it easy, all they had to do was scan the bar code on Judy’s wrist and then scan the drawer on their cart.   I’ll get it right though or close anyway; is it ok be close with a drug regime??

We’ve got some follow up appointments of the next few weeks, first the staples come out – all 32 of them – next week.    Then a consultation with the surgeon in about 4 – 6 weeks.

My hunch is that it will be a steep recovery curve, but probably a short one – after all Judy is getting good at this!

Thanks everyone for you support, thoughts, prayers, good vibes and good wishes everyone of them made a difference.



  • Gord and Jennifer Dancey
    July 15, 2017

    Glad you are home Judy….the news is really good to hear. If you send Ken out for more food orders, let me recommend Tim Horton’s Chile. It’s Mmmm good. Speaking of good, it sounds like Ken is taking good care of you. The two of you will deserve a real good holiday when you’re back on your feet and feel free to consider a stop at our place for a stay-over visit. Would love to see you both.Take for now, all the best and get well soon. Gord and Jennifer.

  • Judy Morris
    July 15, 2017

    So thankful to hear all this encouraging news. You two really are an amazing couple who are courageous, supportive of each other, and so thoughtful to keep all of us in the loop. Will continue to hold you up in my prayers for your complete recovery Judy. Hope to connect with you soon.

  • Jean laflamme
    July 16, 2017

    Wow, that was a tough week, and not just the hospital food!!! Fantastic outcome. Great time for a recovery, warm summer breeze, lovely sunsets, resting on the patio, looking at the garden flowers. Thanks for the update. Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

  • Diane Harrison
    July 16, 2017

    Glad to hear Judy is home and recovering. I know you will take good care of her. She’s in good hands.

    We will continue to pray for a full recovery

    Thanks for the update. We’ve been thinking of her and wondering how she was doing.

    Take care.

  • Jane Duchscher
    July 16, 2017

    It truly is amazing what can happen in a week – due to science, technology, great doctors and care, combined with 2 incredibly strong individuals Judy & Ken with a game plan! I suspect as you note, the real tough stuff is about to begin – recovery. Keep that sense of humor and purpose and the rest will happen. Wishing Judy a speedy recovery.

  • Sue Clark
    July 16, 2017

    Thrilled the surgery is over.
    Thrilled Judy is doing so well.
    Thrilled Judy is home.
    Thrilled Ken is now able to keep her in the manner to which she is accustomed!
    Thrilled Judy will now be able to get a dose of Aubrie and Lucas:the best medicine.
    Thrilled for everyone.

  • Nancy parker
    July 17, 2017

    Happy to hear you are home now and on the road to a full recovery!

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